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How Long Does It Take to Get Porcelain Veneers?

how long to get porcelain veneers smiles by the sea

It often takes time to get to the place where you definitively say, “Yes, I want porcelain veneers.” But after all that waiting, indecision, and budgeting, most patients are eager to get things started – and finished. So how long does it take to get porcelain veneers? That depends. The Porcelain Veneers Process Impatience is … Read more

What You Need to Know About 4 Common Dental Emergencies

dental emergencies smiles by the sea hampton nh

No matter how common a dental emergency is, when it’s happening to you it feels unique, probably painful, and absolutely terrifying. The most important thing you can do for yourself is contact your Hampton emergency dentist right away to get help. In between, it can help calm you down to know how dental emergencies typically … Read more

Replace That Missing Tooth with a Permanent Dental Implant

missing tooth dental implant smiles by the sea

If you are a fan of the movie The Hangover, then you recall the character Stu, the uptight dentist who pulled out his own tooth. As it turns out, the actor Ed Helms really did have his tooth removed for the movie – or, rather, his dental implant of 20 years. His adult tooth never … Read more

Invisalign for Adults Is Real – Make It Work for You

Invisalign for adults smiles by the sea hampton, nh

Adults are funny – they’ve finally grown up, have access to millions of things, but when it comes to perfecting their smile, they drag their feet or think they’re not qualified for an upgrade. Invisalign is particularly confusing for many people who still believe braces are only for teenagers. Here’s the reality: Invisalign is for … Read more

Damaged Tooth? Get an Immediate Fix with a Same-Day Crown

same-day crown smiles by the sea hampton nh

Dental problems are always inconvenient, but there are some situations that are far more problematic than others. You damage a tooth on the day of a major work event, or right before your wedding, or as you’re preparing to go on vacation – there is a truly endless list of awful timing when it comes … Read more

Back-to-School Dental Care for an A+ Smile

back to school dental care smiles by the sea

Whether you’re going back to school or your kids are, whether you’re in front of the classroom or pulling the strings behind the scenes, you want be confident and feel good going into a new school year. Having a white, healthy, beautiful smile is one sure way to boost your self-esteem and feel like this … Read more

5 Problems a Porcelain Crown Can Fix

porcelain crown same day crown smiles by the sea

No matter what kind of dental problem you’re dealing with, there is always a way to fix it. In many cases, the most logical way to repair the issue is with a porcelain crown. This versatile dental restoration, also known as a cap or dental crown, is hollow, tooth-shaped, and designed to look like your … Read more

The Fastest Ways to Get a Smile Makeover

fastest ways to get smile makeover smiles by the sea hampton nh

Some people spend months and even years thinking about their ideal smile makeover, considering the treatments that are right for their teeth and saving up for their investment. Other people wake up and decide they want a new smile and want it right now. There’s nothing wrong with either frame of mind. It should be … Read more

Fix Your Asymmetrical Smile with Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers symmetrical smile smiles by the sea hampton nh

Your smile is crooked, it’s off, it’s just not the kind of perfect you want – in dental speak, this is known as an asymmetrical smile. It’s not crooked or quirky or charming, there’s clearly something about it that may have once been right but is right no longer. Can this imbalance be fixed? Of … Read more

How Much Does Invisalign Really Cost?

Invisalign cost Smiles by the Sea Hampton NH

When anyone pursues a cosmetic dentistry treatment, their biggest question is always, “How much is this going to cost?” Invisalign is no different, and this orthodontic alternative feels like an even bigger investment because it requires about a year of your time to complete. So, what will you be paying to straighten your smile? It’s … Read more

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