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4 Not-So-Obvious Reasons You Should Care About Your Oral Health

June 8, 2020

You’ve heard it a million times that keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy will lead to fewer problems in your future. While this statement remains true, it’s often not enough to give people the urgency they should have to maintain a decay and disease-free smile. Since June is Oral Health Month, your dentist in Hampton is stepping up their efforts to encourage patients like yourself to take control and get serious about dental health. Here are 4 not-so-obvious reasons you should consider if you want a smile you can proudly show off.

It Will Help You Avoid Problems with Physical Health

For decades, researchers have spent countless hours identifying how oral health is connected to other diseases and conditions. Inflammation and infection caused by plaque and tartar accumulations can easily enter the bloodstream if left untreated, resulting in various problems developing throughout the body, including:

  • Cardiovascular Disease (i.e. heart attack, stroke)
  • Respiratory Disease (i.e. Pneumonia)
  • Pregnancy Issues (i.e. low birth weight, premature birth)
  • Neurological Disease (i.e. Alzheimer’s, Dementia)

It Can Help You Shed Unwanted Pounds

Wonder why people complain about the taste of orange juice after brushing their teeth? It’s because toothpaste tends to make various foods and beverages taste less appealing. By getting into the habit of brushing your teeth immediately after completing a meal, your body and brain will be alerted in a way that can help with portion control. By choosing healthier options and adopting this oral hygiene habit, you can avoid overindulging and packing on the pounds.

It Can Prevent a Decline in Mental Health

It’s no surprise that your mental wellbeing can be adversely impacted by whether or not you choose to brush, floss, and rinse. Should you avoid taking care of your teeth and gums, you will develop cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease. As a result, you can become depressed and suffer from additional psychological problems. To avoid entering into this state of mind, make the effort to take better care of your oral health, and remain confident about the way you look and feel.

It Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Natural Teeth Longer

If you ask a majority of denture-wearers or those who have missing teeth, what they wish they’d done differently as a young person, they might say, “Taken better care of my smile.” The reason is that poor oral hygiene habits developed at a young age will ultimately catch up to you if you’re not careful. What can start as a simple cavity can quickly progress and later result in necessary prosthetics to repair and restore your smile. Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is crucial to maintaining full functionality (i.e. eating, chewing, speaking). The best way to do this is with regular brushing, flossing, rinsing, and seeing your family dentist in Hampton every six months.

Now that you have a better idea of why it’s important to take care of your oral health, what are you waiting for? Go pick up your toothbrush and start to work!

About the Author
Dr. Harbpinder Shevchenko earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in India in 2003 before going on to achieve her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2009. Passionate about her patient’s smiles, she is always expressing the importance of taking care of one’s teeth and gums. While the obvious reasons for avoiding future problems, staving off bad breath, and making a good impression remain true, she aims to provide her patients with additional insight and knowledge that will lead to increased efforts for better oral health. To find out what tips you can use to keep your smile looking and feeling its best, contact us at (603) 319-4415.

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