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Why They Stand Out Among the Rest

Dental implants in Hampton have many unique benefits that cannot be attained with other, more traditional tooth replacement solutions. At Smiles by The Sea Family Dentistry, Dr. Shevchenko will be happy to sit down and go over all the advantages that come with these small implants as well as explain why so many people are now turning their attention to this new form of treatment. From greater stability and permanence to easy maintenance and a longer lifespan, dental implants are standing high above the rest when it comes to helping patients with missing teeth. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

Traditional Tooth Replacement Solutions

Maybe you’re skeptical about what dental implants can truly do for you. Maybe you’d rather avoid surgery and stick to a solution that is less invasive and more affordable? Whatever the reason, there are options for tooth replacement that do not require a surgical procedure.

When missing three or more teeth along an arch, it is possible to receive a fixed dental bridge. Instead of placing a dental implant into your jawbone, we will use the healthy teeth on either side of your gap as anchors. These will be filed down to ensure your bridge fits correctly when placed. Once your custom restoration is ready, which will consist of three or more fused dental crowns, your implant dentist in Hampton will place it over your healthy teeth while the interior crowns will sit on top of your gums.

Should all your teeth be missing from the upper or lower arch, you can opt for a traditional denture. These tried and true restorations have been around for decades, even centuries, and continue to restore smiles. Created using an acrylic, gum-colored base, your artificial teeth will sit firmly on the prosthetic, and your natural suction will hold the denture in place.

Benefits of Dental Implants

While you are certainly free to decide which solution is right for you, it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of each. A fixed bridge or traditional denture can produce beautiful results, but some aspects may have you questioning whether you want to spend the time and money on replacements, adjustments, etc.

As you contemplate the notion of having dental implants put into place, here are a few of the many benefits you can expect to experience:

  • Your oral health will improve dramatically. Because missing teeth can lead to bone and tooth loss, the dental implant will mimic your natural tooth structure, effectively stimulating the bone and keeping your facial shape looking younger and healthy.
  • There is no chance of your dental implant decaying. It is an artificial tooth that cannot experience decay or disease. But you must continue to maintain your smile in its entirety because healthy teeth nearby can become infected or damaged, which can impact your implant(s).
  • You can expect to enjoy your smile for a long time. Dental implants are designed to last decades, if not a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, you may never need to have your posts replaced.
  • You will experience greater confidence in your appearance and feel good about the way you look thanks to your dental implants. Whether you receive a dental crown, implant bridge, or implant-retained denture, the materials used are natural-looking and will blend in seamlessly with your smile.
  • Chewing, eating, and speaking will prove much easier. Dental implants work just like regular teeth, so you’ll enjoy a stronger bite force and greater functionality when performing these daily tasks.

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