Close Smile Gaps for Good

Your teeth are more important to your day-to-day life than you might think, and no one understands this better than someone who is missing one or more teeth. Everything, from eating to speaking to smiling, relies on the teeth, and without them, even the simplest activities can become awkward and painful. At Smiles by the Sea Family Dentistry, we’re able to help our patients rebuild their smiles using state-of-the-art solutions designed just for them. If you’re ready to have a full and confident set of teeth again, give us a call today to get started.

Why Choose Smiles by the Sea Family Dentistry to Replace Missing Teeth?

  • Dental implant restorations available
  • Restorations made using high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime
  • Kind, friendly, & highly experienced team

What Happens if I Do Nothing?

Missing toothUnfortunately, untreated tooth loss only tends to lead to even more tooth loss. When a tooth goes missing, the jawbone in the area actually starts to weaken and shrink, which can easily affect the surrounding teeth and cause them to shift out of place. This can lead to harmful bite misalignment. In fact, teeth can become so loose as a result that they eventually fall out themselves. The best thing to do is replace any teeth (no matter their location) so you can avoid these complications and regain your complete smile.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge actually uses the strength of your remaining teeth to replace one or more missing teeth in a row. Two dental crowns are placed on either side of the gap, and these are used to hold the prosthetic firmly within the smile. This not only brings back strength and balance to the bite, but Dr. Shevchenko takes the time to ensure her bridges look completely natural as well.

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Dentures & Partial Dentures

Modern-day dentures are made of ceramic teeth affixed to an acrylic, gum-colored base, and they enable us to effectively replace several missing teeth at the same time. Partial dentures fit among any remaining teeth like the last piece of a puzzle, while full dentures sit directly on the gums to instantly bring back an entire row. For patients interested in the most secure and stable fit possible, we can also use dental implants to hold dentures within the mouth.

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Dental Implants

While most tooth replacements look great and help countless patients, they all have the same flaw: they only restore the tooth above the gum line. This makes them inherently less stable than real teeth and more likely to wear down as well. This is where dental implants distinguish themselves. They actually bring back the entire tooth, root and all, to create something that is the next best thing to nature and give patients the look, security, and peace of mind only their real teeth can match.

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