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Preventive dentistry is the foundation of a strong smile. The most important kind of dental care you can get from your dentist is a teeth cleaning and dental exam every six months. We welcome new patients to Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH, where we offer this essential oral health care to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

What to Expect at a Teeth Cleaning

Every teeth cleaning proceeds in much the same way. You can expect the following routine from your dental team every six months:

  • Teeth cleaning: The dental hygienist will scrape your teeth free of built-up plaque, tartar, and bacteria and floss and polish your teeth. A hygienist’s tools and vision reach all the gunk your toothbrush cannot, giving you teeth that are super-clean, smooth, and shining.
  • Dental exam: Your Hampton dentist will review your oral health and check your teeth for decay, recession, miniscule chips and cracks, gum disease, and any other oral health problems. Identifying a problem early is the key to preventing bigger issues and more invasive and costly solutions.
  • Oral cancer screening: Your dentist conducts this succinct but thorough exam to check all the soft tissues in your mouth for signs of oral cancer. A dentist is trained to recognize the signs of oral cancer far sooner than the average person, which makes this screening a standard part of routine checkups.
  • Digital x-rays: Many patients get x-rays once a year, but this will depend on your dental insurance plan, preferences, and needs. X-rays allow your dentist to see under the crowns of your teeth to understand what’s going on inside, especially if you have an area of discomfort.
  • Fluoride treatments: This helpful mineral strengthens tooth enamel and makes it more resistant to decay. While all children get fluoride treatments at their six-month appointments, adults can request a topical fluoride treatment too.
  • Consultation: If you have questions about your oral health or at-home oral hygiene routine, are wondering about cosmetic dentistry treatments that might be right for you, or have any other dental concerns, this visit is the time to discuss matters with your dentist and hygienist. You will get recommendations and suggestions to help keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking their best.

The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleanings

If oral hygiene is a priority for you and you take good care of your teeth and gums at home, you may be tempted to skip a teeth cleaning. Even if you don’t have any tooth or mouth pain, even if you’re diligent about brushing and flossing, those six-month dental visits are a critical part of your oral health and here’s why:

  • You can’t reach everything in your mouth. Your teeth are small and there are plenty of nooks and crannies that even the most careful person can’t reach with a toothbrush or dental floss. There is no substitute for the tools of your dental hygienist and their ability to fully remove the build-up on your teeth.
  • Your dentist sees things you never will. Yes, you know your teeth well, but you have an untrained eye when it comes to oral health. Your dentist will notice everything from cavities to deteriorating dental work, hairline cracks to super-early signs of gum disease. And that’s lucky for you, because addressing these matters sooner rather than later saves you time, expense, and discomfort.
  • You maintain a good foundation for your smile. If cosmetic dentistry is on your radar – maybe not now but in the future – every little thing you do to keep your smile strong and healthy will make you a good candidate for upgrades later.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning in Hampton, NH

We use the most advanced dental equipment and tools at Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH. Our goal is to help you have the cleanest, healthiest smile possible. Schedule a teeth cleaning for yourself, your child, or any member of your household at our family dentistry practice. We are ready to help you stay on track and maintain beautiful teeth and gums by delivering quality dental care.