Proactive Care for Healthier Hampton Smiles

At Smiles by the Sea Family Dentistry, we know the lifelong value of a beautiful, healthy smile Dr. Shevchenko is a big believer in conservative dentistry, which is why she puts most of her attention into preventive care rather than simply fixing problems as they pop up. With this approach, our patients are often able to completely avoid cavities and gum disease, meaning they spend less time in our dental office and more just enjoying their healthy smiles! If you’re ready to protect your smile now so you won’t have to repair it later, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Harbpinder Shevchenko Signature Harbpinder Shevchenko, DMD

Why Choose Smiles by the Sea Family Dentistry for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Happy to treat patients of all ages
  • Every patient gets one-on-one attention
  • Stop snoring with a custom-made sleep appliance

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Checkups and cleanings allow us to accomplish SO MUCH here at Smiles by the Sea Family Dentistry. They give Dr. Shevchenko the chance to examine your teeth and gums and catch any issues as early as possible. Plus, you’ll receive a thorough professional cleaning from one of our hygienists. You’ll also be able to ask Dr. Shevchenko any questions you might have about your at-home oral hygiene routine, ensuring your smile stays nice and healthy between visits.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Shevchenko and our team are happy to serve patients of all ages, including young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. When you choose us as your family dentist, you can expect to enjoy high-quality care in a welcoming atmosphere. Plus, since we offer convenient scheduling, you won’t have to run all over town when it is time for your family to have their biannual cleanings and checkups.

Learn More About Family Dentistry

wellness photo 4 night guard on a trayNightguards for Bruxism

You may not have heard the word “bruxism” before, but you or a loved one have likely experienced it. It refers to unconscious teeth grinding while sleeping, which can wear down the teeth and even dental restorations to the point of breaking without treatment. To help patients rest easy, Dr. Shevchenko can provide them with something called a nightguard, which is a small oral appliance that’s worn to bed. It places a thin barrier between the rows of teeth to keep them safe from harmful contact.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is very easy to miss during its early stages, leading many patients to not notice anything until the disease is quite advanced and not simple to treat. This is a big reason why it claims thousands of lives every year. Our team is able to spot the signs of cancer much sooner than the average person, however, which is why an oral cancer screening is a standard part of routine checkups. We keep an eye out for any suspicious growths or sores so we can help a patient get treatment as soon as possible.

wellness photo 6 kid hands with glovesFluoride Treatments

If you take a moment, you’ll probably find fluoride all around you, as it’s added to most oral healthcare products like toothpaste and mouthwash as well as public water sources. This helpful mineral actually strengthens enamel and makes it more resistant to decay upon contact, and we use it at Smiles by the Sea Family Dentistry to keep our patients safe from cavities. At the end of you and your child’s appointments, we can give you a quick topical fluoride treatment that will help your teeth stay healthy all the way until we see you again!

At-Home Hygiene Products

If you’ve been to the store lately, then you’ve probably noticed that the oral healthcare aisle is absolutely crowded. How can you know which products are right for you and your family when everything claims to be “the best?” That’s where our hygiene team can help! Just ask us for recommendations at your next appointment, and we’ll be happy to let you know which products are ideally suited for you and your loved one’s unique smiles. Better yet, we can even provide you with prescription strength products you won’t find on store shelves!

wellness photo 8 child with brown hairChildren’s Dentistry

As the mother of a young daughter, no one understands the importance of early-age dental care like Dr. Shevchenko. She welcomes growing smiles of all ages to our dental office, and she’ll take the time to completely tailor your child’s care to their oral development and personality. She and the rest of our team will also make sure they feel completely comfortable from check-in to checkout while we provide services designed to keep them cavity-free.

Gum Disease Treatment

We take care of more than just teeth here! If you’re experiencing any redness, swelling, or sensitivity in your gums, then you may be experiencing the early stages of a common infection called periodontal disease. It affects about 50% of the US adult population, so you’re far from alone! Our team can use regular screenings, special dental cleanings, and even targeted antibiotic therapy to get rid of harmful bacteria and safeguard your smile at the earliest sign of trouble.