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At Smiles by The Sea Family Dentistry, Dr. Shevchenko partners with the best local specialists to ensure patients having dental implants surgically placed are satisfied with their results. Because these restorations are unique and offer far more benefits than traditional tooth replacement solutions, you may find yourself considering them as a way to restore your own smile. But before you take the plunge and start your journey with dental implants in Hampton, we invite you to spend a few minutes learning more about these superior restorations. When finished, feel free to call our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shevchenko today.

What Are Dental Implants?

Let’s break down the parts of a dental implant. First, there is the titanium post that is known to be one of the most reliable materials to fuse to the jawbone. It looks like a screw but mimics the natural tooth root, allowing the bone to be stimulated and prevent changes in a person’s facial appearance. Next, there is the metal abutment that connects the implant to the restoration. Finally, there is the custom-made dental crown, implant bridge, or implant-retained denture. The type of prosthetic you will receive is dependent upon the number of teeth that are missing.

These individual implant posts are surgically placed into your jawbone by a skilled oral surgeon who will make a small incision in your gums and insert the implant. Once the gum tissue is closed, you will return home to recover for 3-6 months. This will allow osseointegration to occur, which is the fusing of the implant to the bone and surrounding tissues.

After you’ve fully healed, you return to our office and have your metal abutment and final restoration put into place by a dentist in Hampton.

Important Dental Implant Facts

If these special restorations sound too good to be true, you’ll be pleased to know they live up to the hype that both dentists and patients express when talking about their benefits and results. But where did they come from and how did they become so popular? Here are a few interesting facts about dental implants that may surprise you:

  • They were discovered by accident when a Swedish orthopedic surgeon learned he could not remove titanium from the leg bones of a rabbit.
  • It is known that dental implants have a high success rate of 95%.
  • Each year, nearly 500,000 people opt to have dental implants to restore their smile, and close to 3 million people are already living with these beneficial and life-changing restorations in the United States.
  • No other tooth replacement solution can improve oral health from the root up. Dental implants are the only ones that can mimic the natural tooth structure and keep your jawbone from deteriorating.

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