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Get a Whiter Smile Easily
By Smiles By The Sea Family Dentistry
May 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Teeth WhiteningHave you tried to whiten your teeth at home but been disappointed by the results? Professional whitening offers more impressive results in less time. Our Hampton, NJ, dentist, Dr. Harbpinder Shevchenko, helps her patients look their best with teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services.

What are the advantages of professional whitening?

Whitening your smile in your Hampton dentist's office offer several benefits, including:

  • Stronger Whitening Agent: The professional whitening agents that dentists use contains a higher formulation of hydrogen peroxide, the natural whitener that removes stains. If you have stubborn stains, drugstore products may not be very effective because they're just too weak.
  • Fast Treatment: Over-the-counter whitening kits can take a long time to produce results. Some products must be used for many weeks or months and require multiple trips to the drugstore. When you opt for professional whitening, your teeth will be noticeably whiter in just an hour.
  • Dramatic Results: Professional-strength hydrogen peroxide may lighten your teeth by three to eight shades. Although many people are pleased with their results after just one treatment, an additional session may be helpful if your teeth are very dull or yellow.
  • Emphasis on Safety: Sensitivity can be an unpleasant side effect of teeth whitening treatment. The problem can occur if the whitening agent comes in contact with your roots or gums. When you visit the dentist for a whitening session, your comfort is paramount. Your gums and roots will be coated with a protective gel before the session begins. The sensitive membranes in your lips and cheeks can also be irritated by the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Plastic retractors will be used to gently hold your cheeks and lips away from your teeth during your treatment.
  • Two Options: If you would rather whiten your teeth at home, at-home professional whitening is an option. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth, which will be used to create trays that fit your teeth perfectly. You'll apply the gel to the trays, then place them in your mouth for several hours. After using the trays for just a few weeks, you'll see a much brighter smile in the mirror. At-home kits are also helpful if you've already had in-office whitening and want to touch up your teeth.

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening! Call our Hampton, NJ, dentist, Dr. Shevchenko, at (603) 926-8827 to schedule an appointment.