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By Smiles By The Sea Family Dentistry
December 15, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

If you've lost all or most of your teeth, you might feel uncomfortable smiling for pictures or even while interacting with others. That's denturesunderstandable: people tend to see a healthy smile as a measure of success, attractiveness, even honesty. If the appearance of your smile is giving off the wrong impression, Dr. Harbpinder Shevchenko, your dentist in Hampton, NH, has a solution for you: custom dentures to restore your smile and make your life easier. Read on to learn more:

Why should I replace my teeth?

Many people who have been edentulous - without teeth - for a long time are used to eating and talking that way. However, your Hampton dentist wants her patients to know that going without teeth can be detrimental in other ways. Most people who have few or no teeth avoid foods that are difficult to chew, which often includes certain meats, vegetables and fruits, which means that important nutrients may not be a regular part of their diet. By wearing dentures custom-fitted for your mouth, you can comfortably eat the foods that provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals. At first, there may be an adjustment period when you first get dentures, but after you become accustomed to them you'll wonder how you ever did without them.

How can dentures enhance my appearance?

While dentures of the past used to look clunky and ill-fitting, your Hampton dentist uses the most updated technology and materials to ensure you have a realistic smile. Wearing them not only gives you a full, beautiful set of teeth but also supports your cheek muscles, which might otherwise have a "hollow" look without anything to bolster them.

If you'd like to learn more about how dentures can help, we're excited to talk with you! Contact Smiles by the Sea, the office of Dr. Harbpinder Shevchenko, your dentist in Hampton, NH.