Spring is the time of year when people embrace the sunshine, warmer weather, flowers, and blooming trees (even if that means triggering allergies). You want to feel like the world around you – fresh, renewed, attractive. No matter what the season, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can match your timetable, budget, and smile goals, but here are some just right for spring.

1. Dental Bonding

Do you have one tooth that ruins your entire smile? A discolored front tooth, a misshapen molar, a small cuspid. These aren’t the kind of dental quirks people typically embrace. These are imperfections that make you look and feel less than great. Time to talk about dental bonding.

This quick, easy procedure takes only about 30 minutes per tooth to complete at your Hampton dentist’s office and is non-invasive. This amazing cosmetic dentistry procedure can make your complaint disappear in no time and give you a gorgeous smile.

2. Invisalign

If you’re ready to dig in your heels and make a permanent change to the alignment of your smile, it’s time to talk to your Hampton Invisalign provider. Spring is a great time to begin this treatment so you’re used to it by the time summer comes around and nothing will be able to interfere with the warmest months of the year.

Invisalign trays are customized to your teeth and move teeth a few at a time, gently and consistently, until they’re completely aligned. Treatment takes about one year to complete, give or take, and leaves behind a smile that is straight, works well, and feels great.

3. Teeth Whitening

When you want to make a major difference in your smile in as little time as possible, a professional teeth-whitening treatment gets the job done. If you have tooth stains that can be removed with a bleaching treatment, this whitening will blow away any over-the-counter treatments you might have tried in the past. A ZOOM! teeth whitening takes only about an hour to complete at your dentist’s office and leave you with blindingly white teeth.

4. Tooth-Colored Fillings

Do you have silver fillings? If they’re in your mouth, you know it – and so does anyone who sees you open your mouth wide to eat, speak, or laugh. Silver fillings are unsightly and unhealthy, but they can be safely replaced with tooth-colored fillings. These restorations not only give you a healthier, more robust tooth, they look better so no one will ever know you needed a repair or a cavity filled.

5. Porcelain Veneers

If you’re willing to go all-in on a cosmetic dentistry treatment, the one to choose is porcelain veneers. If you have multiple issues with the appearance of your teeth, veneers can cover them all up. One procedure can eliminate gaps, cracks, stains, chips, misalignment, and so much more.

Veneers are customized in size, shape, length, translucency, and more so they look like natural teeth – most importantly, so they look like your natural teeth. This treatment, with proper care, will last for decades and give you a celeb-worthy smile that will make you feel like a VIP every single day.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right for You?

Everyone’s smile makeover is unique to them, and so are their cosmetic dentistry choices. Find out what’s best for your teeth by scheduling a consultation with the team at Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH.