There are several ways to get a whiter smile with the help of your cosmetic dentist. However, it’s hard to compete with the results and efficiency of a ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment. Here are just some of the reasons patients love it.

1. Fast

ZOOM! teeth whitening can dramatically change your smile in just about an hour and make it up to eight times whiter. Think about it – on your lunch break, you could visit your Hampton cosmetic dentist and come out looking like a shinier version of yourself.

2. Powerful

There are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening products that promise amazing results, but these gels and strips don’t necessarily deliver. A ZOOM! teeth whitening contains powerful bleaching agents that are only available from your dentist. They are quality controlled for safety and strength.

3. Painless

If you have ever tried over-the-counter whitening products, you know that most of them tend to cause irritation. During a non-invasive in-office whitening, your gums and soft tissues are protected by cotton rolls and cheek retractors and a desensitizing gel is applied to guard against irritation from the bleaching agents.

Your dentist will also examine your teeth before conducting a whitening treatment, which means any hairline cracks or suspicious areas will be noticed and treated before any cosmetic dentistry takes place. This helps prevent discomfort as well, and ensures that you a smile that is just as healthy as it is white.

4. Immediate Results

You don’t have to wait to see the results of your whitening treatment. One appointment and your smile will be brilliant and white. You’ll walk into your dentist’s office with one set of teeth and walk out with something new.

5. Conceals Imperfections

Even if your teeth aren’t perfect, a professional whitening treatment can create the illusion of a flawless smile. You can be living with misalignment, crooked teeth, gaps, and more, but a super-white smile makes all of that fade to the background.

6. Long-lasting

If you brush and floss your teeth daily and visit your Hampton family dentist every six months for a cleaning and check-up, your ZOOM! whitening can last for years.

7. Touch-up Kit

One of the best things about a ZOOM! teeth whitening is that your dentist will send you home with a set of customized whitening trays and gel to be used as needed for touch-ups, usually every six to 12 months is a good timeline but ask your dentist for tips.

Get the White Teeth You Want

ZOOM! teeth whitening is not for everyone. In fact, teeth whitening of any kind is not for everyone. Some tooth stains simply cannot be bleached out of teeth, like antibiotic staining or naturally yellowish teeth. This doesn’t mean your destined to a dingy smile for life, it just means that whitening is not an option. There are plenty of other cosmetic dentistry treatments that can give you the white teeth you’ve always wanted, like porcelain veneers.

At Smiles by the Sea, it is our honor to help our patients achieve the smile they want, on their timeline, budget, and comfort level. Find out if ZOOM! whitening is right for you. Contact us to schedule your consultation or talk to Dr. Shevchenko about teeth whitening at your next check-up.