If you are missing several teeth in one area of your mouth or missing an entire arch of teeth, you may very much want to replace them, but you may also be reluctant to visit your dentist for that repair. We get it. Most people with many missing teeth believe dentures are their only option for restoration. This, however, is false, especially if your dentist has mastered the art of implant dentures. Now, here’s what you need to know about this innovation.

1. They’re Permanent

Unlike conventional dentures that are designed to be removed nightly for soaking, implant dentures snap into place and stay there. The implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and have small abutments attached to them that jut above the gumline – this is where the dentures click in and hold on tightly.

2. No Adhesives Necessary

If there is one thing that denture-wearers regularly lament, it’s the use of adhesives. With implant dentures, your appliance is locked into the permanent implants, eliminating the need for mess adhesives that are unreliable.

3. Palate Remains Uncovered

A full denture is designed to replace an entire arch of teeth, but it also covers the natural palate so the appliance can stay in place. Implants dentures do not bother your palate at all, eliminating discomfort and any changes to the shape of the roof of your mouth.

4. They’re Secure and Fully Functional

Ask a denture wearer about how confident they feel about their dentures and they may say they worry about eating or speaking at times. But implants are a secure solution that not only looks like natural teeth but feels and works like them. Your speaking, biting, and chewing will not be compromised and you’ll be more confident about all these actions.

5. They’re Comfortable

You want to replace your missing teeth, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable as a result. With this advanced dental restoration, nothing will interfere with normal sensations or tastes and you will only feel like you have your natural teeth back where they belong.

6. You Can Upgrade

There is a good chance that you can upgrade to implant dentures even if you already wear dentures. If you are struggling with your current version of this dental restoration, ask your dentist whether you’re a viable candidate.

7. Stellar Bone Density Isn’t Always Necessary

It’s nice to have good bone density before any dental implant procedure. A healthy jawbone means any implant will be well-supported. Some patients even undergo a bone graft to make this procedure possible. Because implant dentures are slightly shorter than traditional dental implants, more patients are viable candidates for this procedure.

8. Be Patient

Any implant-related dental restoration takes time. If you have gum disease, this problem will need to be treated and healed before any teeth can be created. If you have poor bone density, you will need bone grafts to make implants a possibility. And once the implants are surgically implanted, you just wait for the area to fully heal before dentures can be snapped into place.

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