Dental problems are always inconvenient, but there are some situations that are far more problematic than others. You damage a tooth on the day of a major work event, or right before your wedding, or as you’re preparing to go on vacation – there is a truly endless list of awful timing when it comes to dental problems. When you have a dentist that offers same-day crowns, however, you can have the issue fixed immediately.

How Same-Day Crowns Work

A crown repair on the same day your dental problem develops sounds too good to be true. But it is possible. The materials of this crown are strong, natural-looking, and durable – they’re just as great as a conventional crown that you would wait weeks to get back from a dental lab.

When your dentist’s office is equipped with a CEREC machine, they use this technology to create dental restorations on site, while you wait. Your Hampton dentist has invested in CEREC to make same-day crowns and smile makeovers possible to patients. Your priority is to have a complete, healthy smile – and it’s our priority to make that a reality for you as quickly as possible.

Types of Dental Problems a Same-Day Crown Can Repair

Some dental problems can take weeks to repair – but they don’t always have to if you have access to a dentist with a CEREC machine and the capability to make same-day crowns. Here are just some of the problems a same-day crown can fix:

  • Broken tooth: A damaged, broken, chipped, or otherwise fractured tooth will deteriorate quickly without immediate intervention, plus it’s open to invasion from food particles and bacteria, which could lead to infection.
  • Infected tooth: If a tooth is diagnosed with a deep infection, root canal therapy is often necessary. The canals are cleaned out and sealed, and a crown is needed to cover the tooth for protection.
  • Broken crown: Porcelain crowns last for decades, but sometimes they do loosen with age or break because of biting down wrong. The original crown can’t always be put back in place and a new one is needed.
  • Unsightly tooth: If you are tired of seeing that one unsightly tooth reflected back to you in the mirror, it’s shape, stains, or other flaws can be covered up with a customized crown that truly blends into your smile.
  • Tooth decay: If tooth decay is so large that a tooth-colored filling cannot correct the problem and stabilize the tooth at the same time, a crown is the necessary, robust solution.
  • Weak tooth: Some teeth are prone to breaking because their enamel is weak or a restoration is deteriorating but this problem is easily concealed under a same-day crown.

Get a Same-Day Crown in Hampton, NH

If you have a dental emergency or need a quick smile makeover, find out if the CEREC same-day crown is an option for you. Contact Smiles by the Sea to schedule an appointment and get a quick smile makeover. There’s always a solution for what’s wrong – and it might be possible on the same day.