Did you know that HSAs and FSAs can be used toward many types of dental care? If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), the time has come to review what funds remain so you can use up the benefits you have already paid for before these 365 days come to an end. This just might be your path to a fresh, flawless smile for the holidays and the New Year.

What Is an FSA?

An FSA or HSA is an account established through your employer to which you have chosen to add pre-tax income every paycheck. These funds are yours to use as you wish for healthcare needs, including dental care. In most cases, this account’s holdings need to be used up by the end of the year or the funds will be lost – and you do not want that to happen.

Dentistry is a great place to put your focus if you don’t have other healthcare needs. You can finally make that smile upgrade you’ve wanted, fix that problem tooth that’s bugged you for too long, or initiate a major change that will transform your appearance and your life.

Dental Care You Can Get Using Your HSA

It’s a great idea to reserve a portion of your FSA for cosmetic dentistry. Dental insurance typically covers two cleanings and exams per year, but any aesthetic upgrades are not covered and need to be paid for out of pocket. There are always limitations within the limitations, but there is a good chance that you can get the smile makeover you want by using your use-it-or-lose-it benefits.

Here are some of the most common dental treatments patients opt to get with their HSA:

  • Invisalign: This treatment usually lasts about a year, but you will know up front exactly what your costs will be from start to finish. Your FSA can be used to pay for a large portion of Invisalign treatment so you feel even better about getting this exciting teeth-straightening journey started.
  • Teeth whitening: Want to spruce up your smile for the end of the year and you only have a small amount left in your HSA? Teeth whitening is an affordable, powerful, transformation treatment that gives you a bright, beautiful smile that looks flawless, even if it’s not.
  • Night guard: A night guard for teeth grinding is an investment, but oh is it a worthwhile one. All the negative side effects of grinding and clenching your teeth will stop immediately, plus you prevent yourself from developing damage to your teeth from the pressure.

Understanding Your Use-It-or-Lose-It Benefits

Everyone’s benefit plans are different, depending on your employer and their choice of insurance options. Be sure to check with your employer or insurance liaison about unused benefits – for some people, they will roll over into the new year. For most people, they do not. There may be limitations about the kind of dental care you can use your FSA benefits for.

Our dental office can help you get clarity too. If you’re thinking about doing anything for your smile, contact Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH, today to make an appointment and get the ball rolling right away, while there is still time to use up all your benefits. Or call to discuss treatments that you and Dr. Shevchenko have already gone over.