No matter how common a dental emergency is, when it’s happening to you it feels unique, probably painful, and absolutely terrifying. The most important thing you can do for yourself is contact your Hampton emergency dentist right away to get help. In between, it can help calm you down to know how dental emergencies typically proceed and what to expect for what you’re experiencing.

If You Have a Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can make you want to panic, even if it doesn’t hurt (and, quite often, a broken tooth does not hurt). This dental problem is usually cosmetic, but sometimes the break can be deep and reveal parts of your tooth down to the pulp. Whichever category you fit into, a broken tooth is a big deal. Even if you think it’s funny that you chipped a front tooth while trying to open something with your teeth, you need to contact your dentist right away.

If You Develop a Dental Abscess

Even if you’re not familiar with what a dental abscess is now, if you develop one, you’ll know it. When it comes to dental emergencies, this is a biggie. The condition is painful and obvious. An area of pus builds up under the gum of the affected tooth. Swelling, redness, sensitivity, fever, and chills are common symptoms.

While you may want to try to pop the abscess to make it go away, never try this DIY remedy. The swollen area is filled with bacteria and, if it ruptures, the infection will go through your mouth an entire system. Let your dentist drain the abscess properly and treat your tooth so whatever problem is festering is handled safely.

If You Have Severe Tooth Pain

A toothache is the worst. You might think you can ride it out and wait for the pain to subside but here’s the truth – the discomfort is not going to go away until the issue that’s causing it is treated. Toothache pain relief comes from accurate diagnosis of the problem and repair. You may need root canal therapy to deal with a root infection, or a tooth-colored filling or porcelain crown to manage a large cavity. Only your dentist can tell you for certain what’s going on with your oral health.

If Your Wisdom Teeth Wreak Havoc

Most people get their wisdom teeth removed in young adulthood. These third molars are unnecessary additions to our mouthful of teeth, and they can also be problematic if they’re not dealt with soon enough. Impacted wisdom teeth can erupt partially from under the gumline, or they can cause hidden issues, pushing on the nearby molars and causing severe pain, misalignment, and other dental problems. The only solution is wisdom tooth extraction, and this routine procedure will turn into an emergency procedure for many people who don’t heed their dentist’s advice and get removal when necessary. Never turn your back on your wisdom teeth – they’re tougher and more persistent than anything.

Get Help for Dental Emergencies in Hampton

Dental emergencies always require a call to your dentist. No matter what’s going on with your oral health, if something is wrong, contact the team at Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH, and find out if you need to schedule a same-day appointment.