Oral health care should be a priority for everyone, whether you’re a family of two, four, or more. Be thankful for your family dentistry practice in Hampton, NH, that welcomes patients of all ages and at all stages of life and helps you achieve good dental care.

1. There Is Just One Dentist for Every Member of Your Family

Most families have multiple doctors to care for their health: a pediatrician for the kids, a primary care physician for the adults, specialists for various ailments or conditions. It’s difficult to keep track of so many contacts and locations and appointments for every person in your family.

When you have just one dentist for everyone in your household, life is simplified tenfold. You can even schedule all your teeth cleanings and exams on the same day and for the same block of time, so you don’t have to get the kids out of school multiple times, take off work multiple times, or run around town to different offices. Family dentistry equals efficiency.

2. Dental Care Is Family Focused

Believe it or not, family members often share dental issues. Every person is different, but genetics influence how the mouth develops and siblings may share similarities. If one person is prone to frequent tooth decay even with excellent oral health care, your family dentist will notice this and be even more in tune about what to watch out for in other family members and adjust dental care accordingly. We can help prevent the same problem among others in your clan whether it’s a matter of DNA or a learned habit that needs to be changed.

3. You Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Let’s face it, little kids don’t always love going to the dentist. It’s a new experience and it can be scary. But, when they are used to going to the dentist with you, even if it’s not for their own appointment, they’ll be comfortable at the family dentistry office, they’ll recognize their dentist and her team, and adopt a positive view of the practice, the people, and oral health care in general.

4. There Is Continuity of Care

Kids often visit a pediatric dentist for their oral care but, eventually, they’ll outgrow treatment at that practice. When you choose a family dentistry practice that cares for patients of all ages, no one in your crew will have to search for another oral healthcare provider.

Young adults are at a vulnerable stage of life and may not prioritize dental care when they’re short on cash or employment or dental insurance. Starting with one family dentist and staying there through the years emphasizes the importance of oral health care and gives everyone the confidence to work with their dentist to manage their needs during every phase of their life.

Visit Your Family Dentistry Practice in Hampton, NH

At Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH, we are honored to care for you and your entire family. From kids to parents to grandparents, we are here to help you maintain excellent teeth and gums for a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule appointments for your family.