Maybe you are already undergoing Invisalign treatment. Maybe you’re trying to decide if this is a type of cosmetic dentistry you want to pursue. Either way, the reasons to be thankful for this treatment are the same – and they are the reasons that just keep giving.

1. Discreet Treatment

The top reason people love Invisalign is because it’s nearly invisible. The clear aligners are so thin they fit snugly against your teeth and are hardly noticeable. You can go about your daily life without interruption – no one will be staring at your teeth or wondering why you’re wearing orthodontics. Invisalign’s subtle appearance doesn’t interfere with anyone’s life, work, or play.

2. Eat Whatever You Want

Invisalign must be removed for every meal. If you don’t take the trays out, you risk staining or breaking the aligners. Even though you only wear each set of trays for two weeks, taking care of them in between still matters. Braces wearers who have brackets and wires are under restrictions about chewy and crunchy and hard foods. If you can withstand the pressure of eating certain foodstuffs, you can have them, without limitations.

3. Comfortable

Brackets and wires of conventional braces are, well, a little uncomfortable from time to time. They can snag the soft tissues of your mouth and make adjustment even more difficult to endure. Invisalign aligners are smooth, so they never jab your cheeks, tongue, or lips.

4. One-Time Investment

The Invisalign investment is a lump sum that includes digital images, trays, dental visits, and retainers. You know from the start what your treatment will cost and it will not change throughout the process unless something major occurs to affect the number of aligners you wear or the state of your teeth. Affordable payment plans and financing programs are available to make this a viable option for anyone who wants it.

5. Reasonable Time Commitment

The average Invisalign treatment takes about one year to complete from start to finish. This might seem like a long time but, compared to conventional metal braces, it takes about half the time.

6. Great for Adults and Teens

Invisalign treatment can work for both teens and adults. This alignment method is tweaked to suit every patient, their age, and their unique misalignment. Teen trays come with eruption tabs and wear indicators to suit their changing oral health. Both adults and adolescents enjoy the same benefits of customized Invisalign and its discreet nature.

7. Total Freedom

Invisalign is a commitment, and it requires a dedication to wearing the trays 20 to 22 hours a day no matter what. But what is always true about this treatment is that it allows the wearer complete freedom. If you need to take the aligners out for a little bit, you can. If you want to eat a steak, you can. The limitations are few and the freedom is great.

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