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Everything You Need to Know About Same Day Crowns

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Same day crowns are exactly as their name states – if you need a crown, you can get it from your dentist during your visit without having to wait for a dental lab to create it. However, not every dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to provide a service like same-day crowns – Smiles by the Sea is. Our CEREC machine makes it possible for us to offer much-needed dental restorations to our patients on the spot.

Same Day Crowns Can Fix a Lot of Dental Problems

Dental problems are never convenient, but they become even more inconvenient when you can’t get a same-day repair. With CEREC crowns, you can. They can fix:

  • Broken crown: Damage or age can compromise a crown’s longevity.
  • Fractured tooth: A chipped or broken tooth will deteriorate quickly and risks tooth decay.
  • Infected tooth: Root canal therapy is typically followed by the placement of a crown to protect the tooth.
  • Decay: When a filling isn’t big enough to repair a cavity, a crown can get the job done.
  • Weak tooth: A tooth that is prone to breakage can be made robust again with a crown.
  • Unsightly tooth: Stains, discoloration, odd shaping, and other flaws can be covered by a same-day crown.

CEREC Is Sophisticated and Fast

No one has time for the dentist, and we’re always thrilled simply when our patients make time for cleanings and check-ups every six months. If you have a problem tooth that needs a correction though, you certainly don’t want to wait until your next regular appointment or even wait weeks for a dental lab to get the job done.

The CEREC system uses computer assisted design and milling systems to produce sophisticated, customized dental restorations while you wait. Your dental office has made an investment in this technology so patients can get their smiles back to normal quickly.

Same Day Crowns Are High Quality Dental Restorations

Just because the CEREC same day crowns are fast, that doesn’t mean they’re sub-par. Far from it. The natural-looking restorations are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth in size, shape, and color. Also important, though, is getting a crown that fits perfectly. Accuracy is easy to achieve when your dentist can offer customized crowns on-site.

The Convenience of CEREC Cannot Be Overstated

When you have a broken tooth, a damaged crown, or a big cavity, it’s a big deal. You want the problem fixed immediately so it doesn’t interfere with your appearance, your job, your life in general. CEREC same-day crowns eliminate the need for multiple dental visits. You save time and worry.

Google “Dentist Near Me” to Find Your Hampton Dentist

If you need a same-day tooth repair and are afraid there’s no way to make it happen, Google “Hampton dentist near me” and make sure you get the keywords “same day crown” and “CEREC” in there. Smiles by the Sea will be at the top of your result and we can deliver when you need it most. Contact Smiles by the Sea in Hampton, NH to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Harbpinder Shevchenko and her team.

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